Still Not Feeling It

Like most of you, I tried to start the New Year right…with a good attitude and a plan to take this blog in a new direction. But I find that I’m still struggling to find upbeat things to post about. Part of this is due to my continuing bad luck, which, since I promised to keep this blog on a good note, I’m not going to delve into. Instead, I am just going to announce that I am returning to my blog hiatus, and this time I’m not making promises as to when I’ll return.


You know, no pressure.


I think I need to continue concentrating on healing, as well as trying to figure out where I want to go with my non-blog related writing goals. I have several great ideas, but they each go in a different direction, and once I choose a path, I hope to stick to it. Finding the energy and creativity to sit in front of the computer to write has been difficult, and stressing over what to write on this blog has not been helping the situation.


The same goes for keeping up with all of your fabulous blogs, unfortunately. Sometimes, as much as I miss you all, I find it just too overwhelming to find the time to read, and I don’t want to force myself to do it when I’m tired and should be trying to get a little rest, or on days when I actually have a bit of energy and should be forcing myself to get away from the computer to get a small dose of healing exercise.


Maybe I’ll pop in to blog-land once in a while, with a post here or a comment there…as the mood strikes me. Or maybe I won’t. Again, no pressure.


I hope you all understand, and I hope I’m not letting anyone down…but I think if I’m ever going to get well, dive back into that writing-creative groove that I seem to have lost, and find a way to sever my ever lengthening string of bad luck, I have to worry about ME for a while longer…part of which includes limiting my hours spent trying (and failing) to keep up with social media.


Not to leave things on a sour note, I did want to tell you that not everything has been bad. Last year I mentioned some major life changes that we were contemplating, but had to put on hold while dealing with my health and the August flood. Well, the time has come that we are finally addressing those changes, and it looks like we are moving forward with them. And while it is too early to announce the exact nature of our endeavor, I can say that it’s BIG, and this too will be eating up a huge amount of my time for several months…another reason behind the blog hiatus.


Maybe once I’m past all that, I can finally find my groove again. Here’s to hoping, anyway!


Before I go, however, I did want to remind you about my “Things I Love Giveaway,” since the clock is ticking on getting your entry in. You can find out  the winner using, I will announce the winner in the comments section of that post as well as contact the person by email for an address where I can mail them their prize. Good luck to all who’ve entered!


I also wanted to leave you with this:


“Look what The One Called Donna DID to me!”





Amazing what a little trim can do, huh?


“Look on the bright side Leah…at least you didn’t end up in a cone!”


“She’s right you know. Things could always be WORSE.”


What do YOU think?

Leah has been dealing with this unsightly bit of hair loss on her left flank since last December:

Not since 2014, but since December of 2013.

Can you believe her hair no longer grows back? It’s true. Even that crazy shedding I used to write about, well she hardly shed at all this past fall. It seems, as she ages, her coat stopped growing…

Oh, right, you’re probably wondering about the spot. Like, what it is?

Well, she had a hot spot that year, and so I had trimmed the hair back to properly treat it. I figured it would grow back.

Obviously, I was mistaken:


If you look at the spot, you’ll notice it’s almost in the shape of a heart. Like I said, “almost.” But I bet with a little trimming, it would definitely look like one. What do you think? Should I do it? The hair isn’t growing anyway…and everyone always asks me what it is…why not give her a stylish doggie tat?


Before I go, I wanted to update you on the three Labs in need of homes, which I posted about in December (of 2014!) in THIS POST. I just wanted to let you know that so far both Honey and Beau have been adopted (Yay!), and Virgil has been picked up by the NY State Retriever Rescue. He’s still searching for a home of his own…so if you know anyone who’s looking, please send them their way.